GEL Graduate Program

GEL graduate students in "6.928 Leading Creative Teams" from Spring 2019. 

"Leverage Your Graduate Degree to Change the World!”

Over the last 12 years, the GEL Program has become widely acknowledged by the Institute and industry stakeholders as a valuable asset to students’ educational experience and for developing potential future leaders in the world of engineering practice. Having experienced longstanding success with GEL's undergradaute program, the program has met an increasing demand from MIT's graduate population to create a GEL graduate version where graduate students can also similarly learn and practice the leadership development skills that will propel their early career success.
As part of the GEL's plans to expand and serve MIT's graduate population, GEL is working closely with MIT's Office of the Vice Chancellor, and the Dean of Engineering in conjunction with the Dean’s Student Advisory Group (GradSAGE) to better understand the desires of students regarding the need for engineering leadership education and professional development at MIT. Our shared mission is to provide more opportunities for graduate students to professionally develop themselves as effective and impactful leaders who will be charged with solving the world’s most challenging and complex problems. 
Leadership education develops skills applicable across career paths, from leading research groups to leadership roles in companies. GEL's future Leadership Certificate Program will officially launch in 2020 and is designed to help gradaute students learn and practice the skills needed to "make a positive difference" in their chosen careers. Grounded in research but experimental and engaging in delivery, GEL's immersive leadership course offerings/workshops (see below for list of current courses) build and develop leadership skills for future engineers and technology professionals. (*PhD Candidates: Option to use leadership as your doctoral minor.) 
GEL Grad Fall 2019 Course Offerings (**Open to all grad students!):