6.9270 Negotiation and Influence Skills for Technical Leaders

Fall • M 4-6pm  • 5-154

Units: 2-0-4*

Prerequisites: None (permisson required from instructor)

Instructor: Rachel Moore (rbest@mit.edu).

*Companion 6-unit subject, 6.S979, will be offered ST21


Focuses around the premise that the abilities to negotiate with, and influence others, are essential to being an effective leader in technology rich environments. Provides graduate students with underlying principles and a repertoire of negotiation and influence skills that apply to interpersonal situations, particularly those where an engineer or project leader lacks formal authority over others in delivering results. Utilizes research-based approaches through the application of multiple learning methods, including experiential role plays, case studies, assessments, feedback, and personal reflections. Concepts such as the zone of possible agreements, best alternative to negotiated agreements, and sources of influence are put into practice. 

For questions, please email Rachel Moore (rbest@mit.edu).