6.S640: How will my research matter? Optimizing projects towards impact

G, W 5-7pm

6 Units (2-0-4)

What is the value of your research beyond publishing the next paper? Who will your work impact and how is it measured? Students will apply learnings to their own research projects as part of their degree programs.

Learn how to better define and articulate the problems your research addresses, identify stakeholders to validate needs and solutions, and be specific about how the impact might be realized.

Deliverables in the course include 3 ways of describing a project's impact: An “impact statement” (1-3 sentences), “impact storyline” (one page overview), and “impact case” (5 minute presentation).

Practice leadership skills including aligning toward a vision, communication, giving & receiving feedback, and presenting.

This course counts toward the Graduate Certificate in Technical Leadership.

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