6.S630: Leadership - People, Products, Projects

Spring • TR 10:00am-12pm • 26-322

Units: 9 (G 4-0-5)

Apply leadership principles to a team-based product development project. over the course of the semester. Identify worthy problems to tackle, generate creative concepts, make quick prototypes, and test them with stakeholders. Use product management tools to identify user needs, translate needs into design elements, and develop product roadmaps. Use project management tools to mobilize your team and organize your deliverables. Practice effective teamwork, persuasive presentations, and influencing strategies.

The project will be centered around a broad theme with the opportunity to design the product, service, or user interface.

Each class will include discussion around a new topic relating to the project or leadership skills, experiential learning around the topic, and time for team meetings.The teaching team and mentors will be available for team meetings.

This course counts toward the Graduate Certificate in Technical Leadership. Limited enrollment - Apply now!