For Industry

GEL Industry Involvement

Partners and sponsors have included:

  • AMD
  • MIT Lincoln Lab
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Orbital Sciences Corp.
  • Shell

"MIT and the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program exemplify the education needed to empower the next generation of engineers. We are very proud of our collaboration with you." — AMD

"I'm involved in the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program because I want to ensure MIT engineering undergraduates get these skills before they enter the workforce–so they're ready from Day One to be key members of engineering product development teams." — Vanu Bose (President and CEO, Vanu, Inc.)

The Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program develops tomorrow' engineering leaders. Each year, more than 120 MIT undergraduates learn about engineering leadership through our innovative experiential and theoretical coursework, and practice and reflection exercises. Our approach is cohort-based, highly interactive, and continually shaped by input from students, educators and industry. Learn more about our undergraduate curriculum here, or our industry engagement initiatives below.

Connect with us; we offer several opportunities for industry involvement. 


Your company has the opportunity to help develop and potentially hire permanently a student who has both the technical expertise and the character to be an engineering leader in your company. We call this facet of our program InternshipPlus. Attend, or send your staff to, one of our short programs offered through MIT Professional Education. Talk with us about custom-designed modules for your company. 

Invest in GEL! 

  • Sponsor a student project. 
  • Donate in support of curriculum development. 
  • Name an event. 
  • Recruit GELs.
  • And more... 

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