Our Vision

We will create an enduring program at MIT that develops next-generation technical leaders who are equipped with the capabilities and character they need to address effectively complex, real-world engineering challenges.

Underlying Need

The National Academy of Engineering asserts that“…[E]ngineers must understand the principles of leadership and be able to practice them in growing proportions as their careers advance…Complementary to the necessity for strong leadership ability is the need to also possess a working framework upon which high ethical standards and a strong sense of professionalism can be developed."

Industry leaders and engineering professional societies have reinforced these ideas as expressed by the National Academy of Engineering. Since its inception in 2007, the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program has heard from numerous engineering leaders who assert that a purely technical engineering education is insufficient to prepare engineering graduates for optimal effectiveness in industry. Transforming this expertise into real products and systems demands the development of additional capabilities, character, and values. The challenges of the 21st century – climate change, globalization, alternative energy, and transportation - underscore this need. 

In addition to providing leadership development within MIT, for MIT undergraduates, the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program provides a model to advance engineering leadership at the national level.