Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP)

An integral part of the reflection component of GEL, the Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP) assignment guides students through self-reflection on their strengths and weaknesses regarding the Capabilities of Effective Engineering Leaders. The PLDP is designed to foster personal development as GELs identify areas of focus as they practice leadership. Both GEL1s and GEL2s complete a PLDP during the academic year.


GELs complete a baseline PLDP soon after they enter the program via an online form within the GEL Student Website. All capabilities are listed and students can select a rating (not yet possess, introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels) and type in their rationale behind the rating. GELs will submit two milestone entries per academic year; however, the form remains live throughout the year for GELs to edit via the GEL Student Website.

During their time in GEL, students' understanding of the capabilities and of themselves will evolve. That's why GELs revisit their baseline PLDP throughout the year, adding to or refining their responses as necessary. At the conclusion of the academic year, they’ll submit a year-end PLDP entry.  GEL2s repeat this process in their second year of the program.


  • GEL 1 Fall semester PLDP submittal
  • GEL 1 Spring semester PLDP submittal
  • GEL 2 Fall semester PLDP submittal
  • GEL 2 Spring semester PLDP submittal