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Our program aims to develop next-generation technical leaders with the values, attitudes, and skills to understand and address engineering problems. Learn more about our curriculum.

If you’re a student interested in GEL, find out more. Also consider UPOP (the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program. UPOP students receive personalized coaching, a summer internship, post-internship reflective activities, and work on basic interpersonal proficiencies such as effective networking and building a impactful resume.

If you’re looking for opportunities for your company, click here.


Our students (GELs) have so many questions about working as an engineer in industry.  Each year we recruit a pool of industry volunteers who make a difference by serving as a mentor - please consider becoming one of them. The commitment would be about one or two hours per month (or whatever works for you). You and your mentee would develop a communication plan that you both feel comfortable with. 

Visiting the Engineering Leadership Lab (ELL) as a Role-Player or "Engineer in the Room"

In our Engineering Leadership Lab, students work in teams to solve problems based on real-world scenarios. Typical activities include design-build projects, role-plays, and opportunities to present and advocate.  As an “engineer in the room,” you’ll observe the activity and offer a few comments during debrief. As a role-player, you’ll engage directly with students in the context of the activity (Only some labs utilize role-players.).

Contact Student Programs and Leadership Specialist, John Feiler ( to find out more about either opportunity.


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