GEL2 Final Presentation

Reflection is an integral part of the GEL program and we hope it is something that will be a habit throughout your career. We encourage you to thoroughly look at your performance and development, asking yourself questions like: Did I interact with my team in the most productive way? Do I have a systems perspective regarding my company and project?

Now it’s time to consider the following: Did I truly earn my GEL completion certificate? Have I capitalized on the GEL opportunity to develop and grow as a leader?

For your final assignment:

  1. Make a final PLDP entry, reviewing your previous submissions and reflecting honestly on your development regarding the Capabilities of Effective Engineering Leaders
  2. Present a summary of your progress and development (see instructions below) to the GEL staff in April or May

The Presentation

Present highlights of your development for at least 5 capabilities where you feel you have most improved.

Start by considering which experiences (some may be in the program, some may not) have contributed to your growth and development in these capabilities. Explain how these experiences have allowed you to build skills and understanding. (For example:  How did your InternshipPlus experience enable you to move from “Not yet possess” to “Intermediate” in Advocacy?)

Select any aspect of the GEL experience you found to be significant regarding your development.

Explain what you learned and how this knowledge might help you in the future.

A few things you should know:

  • You will prepare and submit presentation materials (meaning slides or related content). The experience will be no longer than 30 minutes, including presentation content and questions from the panel. The presentation itself should be around 15-20 minutes and will be video recorded for you to review.
  • The tone should be professional. While a PowerPoint presentation is not specifically required, you should give thought to providing adequate visual materials for clarification as needed.
  • Include materials like assessment cards, peer evaluations, feedback from your supervisor, feedback from class projects, and other artifacts to help illustrate your points. Your Section TA or GEL Staff can help retrieve copies if necessary.
  • Your reflection should be honest and genuine; you are not expected to have reached the Advanced Level of all of the Capabilities, perhaps one Capability at most.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time collecting artifacts to incorporate into your presentation. Instead, focus on reflection.
  • Try to concentrate on development that occurred during engineering-related experiences.