Grad IAP Workshop on Engineering Leadership (January 2021)

Developing Skills in Technical Leadership for a Better World

Date: January 15, 2021, 1-4:00pm EDT

Instructor: David Nino, Senior Lecturer and Senior Program Manager, Graduate Program in Engineering Leadership

Enrollment: Limited to 60 MIT graduate students and sign-up by January 8 is required

Prerequisites: None required, but we will assign pre-work in advance of the workshop

Workshop Description:

Do you envision “making a difference” in the future as an engineer or technical expert? If so, you will need more than purely technical skills to build the teams and the support needed to implement your ideas. Employers in both academia and industry consistently rank leadership as among their most sought-after skills, and this is even more true today due to the major challenges and changes we are all facing. As we will discuss, anyone who is motivated to “step up” to these challenges can build leadership skills, but the it takes focus, feedback, and years of practice to become highly effective. 

Join us and you will learn how leaders emerge in technology organizations and how you can build valuable skills through our program’s Graduate Certificate in Technical Leadership. In this hands-on workshop, David Niño will be joined by John Strackhouse, Senior Partner in the Board and CEO Practice with Caldwell Partners, and members of the Dean of Engineering’s Graduate Student Advisory Group. Participants will gain skills and perspectives on leadership development and why these capabilities are especially valuable for MIT graduate students. 

REGISTER: Email Lisa Stagnone (