6.S976 Engineering Leadership in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

*New EECS/GEL Course - Will not be offered in foreseeable future.

Units: 3-0-9

Prerequisite: None

Instructors: David Martinez (dmartinez@ll.mit.edu), Associate Division Head, Lincoln Laboratory & David Niño (dnino@mit.edu), Senior Lecturer, GEL Program


This course will equip MIT graduate engineering students to lead, develop, and deploy AI systems in ways that augment human’s cognitive capabilities, while providing positive impact to society. It will teach at the intersection of engineering leadership and artificial intelligence, and deliver learning experiences in ways that are informed by research but applied to engineering products and/or services. 

At the completion of this course, students will be able to lead AI teams based on five competencies:

  • Understanding an end-to-end AI architecture at the systems engineering level
  • Applying engineering leadership principles
  • Creating a strategic vision and development plan for an AI project focused on a product or service
  • Developing an execution strategy, staffed by a diverse and multidisciplinary team
  • Demonstrating an AI conceptual design based on an industry challenge problem using the Raspberry Pi

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For questions, please email David Martinez (dmartinez@ll.mit.edu)


*Students can count this course or one of our other grad classes (6.9280 Leading Creative Teams and 6.9270 Negotiation & Influence Skills for Technical Leaders, and 6.9260 Multi-Stakeholder Negotiations for Technical Experts) to fulfill part of the engineering doctoral minor and GEL's new Technical Leadership Certificate Program. (Check here for additional info.)