Invest in Developing Tomorrow's Engineering Leaders

"The program prepares MIT undergraduates with the skills, leadership and social responsibility that will allow them to not only be the thought leaders of the future, but also to become the 'do' leaders of the future." — Professor Ed Crawley, former Co-Director

"What's important in engineering education? Making universities and engineering schools exciting, creative, adventurous, rigorous, demanding and empowering environments is more important than specifying curricular details. The Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program is an example of how MIT is working to empower today's engineering undergraduates with critical leadership skills that will help them to become tomorrow's engineering leaders." — Dr. Charles Vest (1941-2013), former President, National Academy of Engineering, & former President, MIT

Transform Engineering Leadership Education

Housed in MIT's School of Engineering, the Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program provides an integrated set of hands-on, leadership oriented engineering activities set in the context of the practice of engineering.

Launched in 2007 through a $20 million gift (with a matching requirement) by The Bernard M. Gordon Foundation, the program is creating a national model for preparing the engineering leaders of the 21st century.

By capitalizing on the combined strengths of MIT's academic program, prominence as a national leader in engineering education, and longstanding connections to industrial innovation and practice, the Gordon-MIT ELP serves as an incubator to future generations of distinguished engineering leaders.

For more information on the program's numerous sponsorship and naming opportunities, contact Executive Director Leo McGonagle.

“Effective leadership is critical to getting anything done, particularly in this rapidly evolving world. Helping to provide engineers with the skills, techniques and experiences to provide that leadership is as important as building their technical foundation. The GEL program is doing just that and I am pleased to be able to support it.”  -- Ed Trautman (MIT '73 [BS], '76 [MS], '80 [PhD])