Capabilities of Effective Engineering Leaders

Click for the foundational white paper, which explains the genesis of the Capabilities and provides more information regarding each individual Capability.

Core Personal Values and Character:

  • Initiative
  • Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty
  • Responsibility, Urgency and Will to Deliver
  • Resourcefulness and Flexibility
  • Ethical Action, Integrity and Courage
  • Trust, Loyalty, and Team-Building
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Vision and Intention in Life
  • Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection, and Self-Improvement


  • Inquiring and Dialoging
  • Negotiation, Compromise and Conflict Resolution
  • Advocacy
  • Diverse Connections and Grouping
  • Constructive Interaction; Providing and Receiving Feedback
  • Structured Communications

Making Sense of Context:

  • Awareness of the Societal and Natural Context
  • Awareness of the Needs of the Customer or Beneficiary
  • Enterprise and Business Context Awareness
  • Appreciating New Technology
  • Systems Thinking


  • Identifying the Issue, Problem or Paradox
  • Thinking Creatively, and Depicting Possibilities
  • Defining the Solution
  • Architecting the Solution Concept

Delivering on the Vision:

  • Aligning Organizations Towards a Vision
  • Planning and Managing a Project to Completion
  • Exercising Project/Solution Judgment and Critical Reasoning
  • Innovation
  • Invention
  • Deploying and Operating the Solution

Technical Knowledge and Reasoning