Applying to Advance to GEL 2

Interested in applying to GEL 2? The process is easy.

Submit a brief self-evaluation (more info on this page). Email it to by the GEL 2 Advancement Application Deadline on March 17 (Sunday) @ 11:59PM.


GEL 2 is a comprehensive, specialized program for those interested in continuing to grow as leaders. In it, you’ll get unique experience leading as part of a program-wide student organization. You’ll develop your skills in peer-to-peer leadership, mentoring, giving and receiving feedback, and executing projects. You’ll also enhance your preparedness and readiness to enter industry through the InternshipPlus and networking opportunities.

You should consider GEL 2 if you strive to work in engineering industry, such as in product development, project leadership, or many other facets of high technology. It is neither mandatory nor required that you advance to GEL 2. If you choose not to apply to advance to GEL 2, you'll earn a GEL 1 program Certificate of Completion.

Advancement to GEL 2 is based on your attendance, performance, participation, motivation and commitment in GEL 1. We also consider your career goals as well as your commitments for the upcoming academic year.

The GEL 2 Advancement Application Deadline is March 17 (Sunday) @ 11:59PM. To apply to advance to GEL 2, click on this link to complete a self-evaluation (*be sure to include name and date) covering the following:

Part 1:

Briefly reflect on your performance in GEL1 so far, (participation, motivation, commitment) highlighting on one or two lessons learned in GEL 1 and how you’ve put your realization/knowledge into practice in GEL or elsewhere.

Part 2:

Now that you’ve been engaged in GEL 1, please share with us the pros and cons of the various career options you see open to you, and how you think GEL 2 can help you be more successful in the pursuit of those options. *Please refer to program's definition of engineering careers prior to writing self-evaluation.

In addition to carefully considering your performance in GEL to date and your self-evaluation, we may seek input from your current or past Team Coach. You may also be invited to a short meeting with GEL staff members to clarify information in your self-assessment or to answer questions or possible concerns the staff may have. Among other considerations, advancement to GEL 2 is contingent on satisfactory completion of GEL 1.

The GEL 2 Advancement Application Deadline is March 17 (Sunday) @ 11:59PM. Please complete your “self-evaluation" here.