Jim Magarian

Photo of Jim Magarian
Engineering Leadership Instructor

Jim Magarian is Engineering Leadership Instructor on the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program staff. He joined the program staff in 2013 after more than nine years in industry as an engineering manager and mechanical engineer in the aerospace/defense sector.

Jim holds his BS and MS in mechanical engineering as well as an MBA. While in industry, he specialized in mechanical design and packaging of airborne electronic equipment, aircraft systems integration, system qualification flight testing, and project management. In his most recent position, Jim led a staff of electrical and mechanical engineers at BAE Systems, Inc.
Jim’s graduate research focused on process optimization and real-time quality control for engine block manufacture for the automotive industry. He worked with engineers at General Motors Powertrain/Metal Casting Technologies on a methodology for identifying abnormalities during the lost-foam casting process.
Prior to joining MIT, Jim helped develop training materials for a corporate leadership development program. In addition to his passions as an engineer and engineering leadership educator, Jim is an enthusiast of commercial and military aviation. He also enjoys playing the drums.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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