Welcome back, GEL Alums! We are happy to help meet your interests in staying connected to the GEL Program. From mentoring and coaching current students, to participating in our weekly Engineering Leadership Labs (ELLs) as role-player or “engineer in the room,” to participating in a future GEL event, there are numerous ways that you can get involved and make an impact on our students.


Keep us up-to-date- Share milestones and exciting news with us!

Reconnect with old GEL teammates and expand your professional network through the GEL Alumni Database. Request access to database here.

Vist one of our ELLs- Contact John Feiler about being a role-player or "engineer in the room"

Be a Mentor- Make a difference by coaching our students!

Participate in future events- Reconnect with old friends and build your professional network

Include GEL in your bio- at work, on your resume, Facebook, and Linkedin

Introduce your engineering company to us- Help us tighten our ties to industry

Hire fellow GELs- Recruit students to intern and work as engineers at your company

Promote GEL- Recommend GEL to current MIT students!

Tell us- How has GEL has impacted your early career?

Support the GEL Fund- Make a Gift Today!

“Like Us-"