Capabilities of Effective Engineering Leaders

Click for the foundational white paper, which explains the genesis of the Capabilities and provides more information regarding each individual Capability.

The Attitudes of Leadership - Core Personal Values and Character:

  • Initiative
  • Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty
  • Responsibility, Urgency and Will to Deliver
  • Resourcefulness, Flexibility and Change
  • Ethical Action, Integrity and Courage
  • Trust and Loyalty
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Vision and Intention in Life
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement


  • Inquiring and Dialoging
  • Negotiation, Compromise and Conflict Resolution
  • Advocacy
  • Diverse Connections and Grouping
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Structured Communications

Making Sense of Context:

  • Awareness of the Societal and Natural Context
  • Awareness of the Needs of the Customer or Beneficiary
  • Enterprise Awareness
  • Appreciating New Technology
  • Systems Thinking


  • Identifying the Issue, Problem or Paradox
  • Thinking Creatively, and Imagining and Communicating Possibilities
  • Defining the Solution
  • Creating the Solution Concept

Delivering on the Vision:

  • Building and Leading an Organization and Extended Organization
  • Planning and Managing a Project to Completion
  • Exercising Project/Solution Judgment and Critical Reasoning
  • Innovation
  • Invention
  • Implementation and Operation

Technical Knowledge and Reasoning